Graham Moore - Dorset - UK

Graham Moore is a Dorset, UK, folk singer and writer of historically rooted songs such as 'Tom Paine's Bones' and 'Tolpuddle Man'.
Accompanying himself on guitar or English concertina he is renowned for powerful performance of his original and traditional songs.

"It was not long before his self-penned, powerful historical ballads worked their magic"
The Living Tradition

"Graham Moore manages to convey in a few words and a dramatic tune the strength of Thomas Paine who, two hundred years after his death, remains controversial"
Roy Bailey

"A superb songwriter, singer and musician"
Dick Gaughan

"Graham's inspirational songs for the Tolpuddle Martyrs capture the heartache and joy of their story ..... he deserves his place as one of Britain’s finest folk singer-songwriters."
Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival - Nigel Costley TUC