Song Lyrics - copyright Graham Moore

In concert Graham draws on a wide range of material.

Here is a selection of his own writing from the CD 'Tom Paine's Bones' and also from his folk musicals:
Tolpuddle Man - the true story of the Tolpuddle Martyrs
The Last of England - a sequel to the above (now combined with Tolpuddle Man)
England Expects - Dorset villagers prepare for invasion by Bonaparte (links to works of Thomas Hardy)
Dick O'The Banks - a draconian squire imposes enclosure on a Dorset village (links to Hardy and William Barnes)

As I dreamed out last evening by a river of discontent
I bumped right into old Tom Paine
As a-running down the road he went
He said I can’t stop right now my son King Georgy’s after me
He’ll have a rope around my throat and hang me on the liberty tree

And I will dance to Tom Paine’s bones
I will dance to Tom Paine’s bones
I’ll dance in the oldest boots I own
To the rhythm of Tom Paine’s bones (rpt)

He said I just wrote about freedom and justice for everyone
Ever since the very first word I spoke
I’ve been looking down the barrel of a gun
Well they say I preached revolution but let me say in my defence
All I did wherever I went was to talk a lot of Common Sense

Well old Tom Paine he ran so fast he left me standing still
And there I was a piece of paper in my hand
Standing at the top of the hill
And it read "this is the Age of Reason these are the Rights of Man
Kick off religion & monarchy" it was written there in Tom Paine’s plan

Poor old Tom Paine there he lies
Nobody Laughs and nobody cries
Where he’s gone or how he fares
Nobody knows and nobody cares

THE LAST OF ENGLAND (G. Moore) The Last of England

Wasted and worn, tattered and torn
From the land I love best, On a ship sailing west
Around me they cried, she leaned and sighed
Farewell, it's the last of England

Thousands are sailing, far from this shore
To promise of freedom, hope for the poor
Around me they cried, she leaned and sighed
Farewell it's the last of England

Thoughts of the past flooded my mind
Tears filled our eyes, no words could we find
As we set sail into the gale
Farewell it's the last of England

Those who're mistreated, put down, abused
By monied and landed, all help refused
They've made their choice to cry with one voice
Farewell it's the last of England

We gave our all, answered the call
Of’times cast down with our backs to the wall
No more we'll stand on your struggling strand
Farewell it's the last of England

CAPTAIN SWING (G. Moore) Tolpuddle Man

The sun's gone down, the shutters drawn
The curfew bell has tolled
The fox is lurking round the farm
The barn owl's wings unfold
In the candle light tonight you might, hear to your alarm
The midnight band of Captain Swing as he rides from farm to farm

All over Dorset the flames are leaping high
The ricks are burning, who' s the cause?
Captain swing not I!

The sheep are safely in the fold
The shepherd deeply sleeps
The ploughman reels back from his drink
Through woods the poacher creeps
The squire retires on bed of brass with one thing on his mind
If Captain Swing's this way tonight there'll be no corn to grind

The labouring man is on his knees
Nowhere can he get hired
Since new machines that do the work, the farmer has acquired
But how he sweats when he reads the threats on paper morning brings
Destroy your gear or else I swear you'll pay Signed Captain Swing

TOLPUDDLE MAN (G. Moore) Tolpuddle Man
Farewell to my family, it's now I must leave you
That far fatal shore in chains we shall see
Although we are taken, do not be mistaken
As brothers in union we shall be free

They can bring down our wages
Starve all our children
In chains they can bind us, steal all our land
They can mock our religion
From our family divide us
But they can't break the oath of a Tolpuddle man

To those who rule us we are the Dissenters
Do your duty be thankful don't complain we are taught
For God in his wisdom divided his Kingdom
For few to have much while so many have nought

As brothers together with an oath we will bind us
The labouring man in all England shall rise
Though Frampton has framed us they never will tame us
Arise men of Britain we'll yet win the prize

FAR FROM HOME (G. Moore) Tolpuddle Man
The Lord's my shepherd I'll not want
He makes me down to lie
In pastures green he leadeth me The quiet waters by
Through deaths dark vale I'll fear no ill
Thy rod and staff me comfort still
For though art with me at my side
Though we are far from my home

Your deep distress it cuts my soul
And darkness fills my heart
To find you in this place alone
From loved ones torn apart would now my life forsake
To see your chains of bondage break
Yes I'd be with you at your side
Though we are far from our home

Through childhood days you held my hand
You followed in my way
In Dorset fields you wandered free
I watched you there at play - But now misfortune is our lot
Far from our friends by all forgot
Be at my side my constant guide
Now we are far from our home

THE WILDWOOD (G. Moore) Dick O'The Banks
Listen on the wind the woodland heart is beating
Far into the west once more the sun's retreating

Earth mother lay me down, moonlight sooth my eyes
I will rest my head tonight beneath these starry skies
In the wildwood – In the wildwood
In the wildwood I will lay me down

Winter’s ice has melted and the greenwood now is singing
Branches they are breathing can you see the soil is springing

High above the heath the summer stars are burning
Close your eyes and reach out you can feel the earth is turning

Tell me where we come from and I’ll tell you where we're going
Listen you can hear the answer on the wind a'blowing

ROAD TO DORCHESTER (G.Moore & Mick Ryan) Tolpuddle Man
Six brave men we've read your story
The trial the grief the pain and the glory
At the hands of the Squire the Whig and the Tory
In England 's pleasant land
But if I could ask you one last question
One last thought for your reflection
Did you lose all hope, did you pray for protection
On the road to Dorchester

On the road - On the road
By the masters of oppression you were taken from your land
On the road - On the road
The immortal power of freedom took you by the hand

Did you wake with a dread in the dark day dawning
Did the sun force a way through the clouds of the morning
Was the lark on the wing above you soaring freely in the sky
What thoughts did you share what fears were growing
Did you think you'd be home 'fore the cock was crowing
Did you think of the land where you'd be going
On the road to Dorchester

As you crossed Gray's bridge with the jail ahead
Past the spire of the church and the graves of the dead
Did you feel regret for the things you'd said,
The oath that you had sworn
Were you sure in your heart that your cause was right
Were you firmly resolved to stand and fight
For the right to resist the master's might
And for children yet unborn

That road was trod before you came
And since you've gone it's been trod again
In trial and grief, glory and pain
In England's pleasant land
The road's still there and so's the town
Where you stood for your rights, and your renown
Is there on the road that you walked down
The road to Dorchester

THE IRON GANG (G. Moore) The Last of England
From Wiltshire there were Swingmen
Poachers from the west
Drag Sneaks from Newgate
Who'd steal away your vest
They marched us out together boys
How our shackles rang
Pounding rock to dust on the old iron gang

And it's swing that hammer lads, move you bastards work!
A dose of the triangle if you try to shirk
They marched us out together boys-How our shackles rang
Pounding rock to dust on the old iron gang

Through the bush and sandstone
We cut the Western road
Starving lame and blistered
We bent under the load
They drove us out like horses
How our shackles rang
Pounding rock to dust on the old iron gang

With a log for my pillow
And a sheet of bark for bed
We perished in the mountains
Our feet and fingers bled
They worked us to the bone my boys
How our shackles rang
Pounding rock to dust on the old iron gang

The ganger was a Mollie
A flogging thrashing wretch
If you beat off his advances
You'd suffer for a stretch
They marched us out together boys
How our shackles rang
Pounding rock to dust on the old iron gang

WE WILL PLOUGH (G.Moore) Tolpuddle Man
We will plough we will sow we’ll reap and we will mow
With our reaphook and sickle we’ll work all in a row

We plough the field and harrow it down
Then the seed we scatter it round
To make the valley thick to stand
With corn to fill the reaper’s hand

The corn is ripe now harvest begins
Fruits of the earth we’ll gather them in
In the morning early the sickle we grind
Away to the fields lads to reap and bind

Harvest is over homeward we steer
To eat good food and drink strong beer
Here’s a health to each farmer wherever he goes
Tonight we will drink lads all in a row

Backs to the Wall (G Moore) Tolpuddle Man
How could they do this, betrayed by a Judas
Our men they have taken away
Shaven and stripped them, from us they have ripped
Our providers, protectors this day

We stand with our backs to the wall
Who will answer our call

Far from our eyes in shackles they lie
How can we show them our grief
Betrayed as example, the law it does trample
And treat the poor man as a thief

If could but choose, all power I'd use
To turn this whole world upside down
The monarch would kneel, harsh poverty feel
The ploughman would wear the crown

Albion 's Shore (G Moore) The Last of England
The distant shore of England fades from sight
All now seems dark that once was pure and bright
And now a convict serves me for a time
To suffer hardship in a foreign clime

My faith and union's stronger than these chains
To pastures green he'll lead me once again
Through deaths dark valley safely and secure
Returned once more to stand on Albion's shore

How wretched is an exile's state of mind
Through grief worn down, with servile chains confined
When not one gleam of hope on earth remains
And not one friend to soothe his heartfelt pains

Too true I know that man was made to mourn,
With anguish full my aching heart is torn
A heavy portion's fallen to my lot,
Far from my friends, by all the world forgot.

Farewell my mother, aged father dear
In silence shed a sympathetic tear
I pray before our lives will cease to run
You'll be united with your long-lost son

SUFFER THE CHILDREN (G Moore) Tolpuddle Man
You’d think it enough that our men have been taken
Our hope our providers in hardship and toil
But no they would now take the food from our children
Whose fathers now tread on a far foreign soil

And where is the justice, where is the mercy
Where is the Christian compassion who cares?
He said suffer the children to come unto me
For you know that the Kingdom of Heaven is theirs

Now that we can get no help from the parish
Now that the master would see us all starve
We eat when we can by the help of our neighbours
While in the great hall the roast beef they carve

From the counties of England they rally to save us
From dark mills and factories throughout the land
Through the Bere Regis draper they send their donation
Those faithful bold brothers supporting our stand

And here is the justice here is the mercy
Here is the Christian compassion they care
He said suffer the children to come unto me
For you know that the Kingdom of Heaven is theirs

BRING THEM HOME (G Moore) The Last of England
From a distant town I can hear an anvil ring
'Round a blazing fire a thousand voices sing
Of a time coming soon when the order will reverse
When the first shall be last and the last shall be first

We will bring them home, we will bring them home
From the claws of the mighty with their hearts of stone
We will bring them home, we will bring them home
We'll reach out across the ocean and we'll bring them home

In the deepest mine and the dark satanic mill
At the cutting of the seam and the spinning of the wheel
On the raging sea and in ploughing of the land
Many tongues do talk of the rights of man

From an acorn small a mighty oak will rise
If we speak as one we'll together win the prize
Raise your voices high let them ring throughout the land
And for justice now we'll together make a stand

Comrades Farewell (G Moore) The Last of England
On the ebbing evening tide, Adieu to you Van Diemen's Land
Through the harbour we will glide, Comrades farewell we're homeward bound

 No more suffering no more pain, Adieu to you Van Diemen's Land
Soon we'll see England again, Comrades farewell we're homeward bound

Haul the anchor, hoist the sail, Adieu to you Van Diemen's Land
Speed us home on pleasant gale, Comrades farewell we're homeward bound

Like the seagull in the sky, Adieu to you Van Diemen's Land
Across the water we will fly, Comrades farewell we're homeward bound

From the land of tears and toil, Adieu to you Van Diemen's Land
Soon we'll walk on Dorset soil, Comrades farewell we're homeward bound

New Frontier (G Moore) The Last of England
When you've followed every pathway and there is no clear direction
You've been searching for an answer but the truth you cannot find
There comes a time for each of us when after reflection
We must move on to a new world and the old is left behind

We will build .....a cabin in the valley
Far from the land of tyranny, hardship and fear
We will raise the flag of freedom and around it we will rally
And we'll praise the one who guides us to this new frontier

There are many here amongst us who have come from every nation
Every country, every colour, every creed and every race
We will reach a hand of friendship to each sister and each brother
We'll wipe away a tear and put a smile on every face

We have passed through a furnace and the fire has not consumed us
We have crossed the burning desert and we did not die of thirst
We have suffered tribulation, all assistance was refused us
Now there's promise in the future, we have overcome the worst

Pride of an English Gentleman (G Moore) Tolpuddle Man
Born of a county family, I fraternise with royalty
A magistrate upright I stand, the law I hold it in my hand

The Lord above ordained you see, my place in this society
A magistrate upright I stand
With the pride of an English gentleman

O'er hedges ditches fields and stiles, I chase Reynard for miles and miles
All on the heath I blow my horn, until he is in pieces torn

I've seen the downfall of the French, and while I sit upon the Bench
No revolution will spark here while I'm alive, you need not fear

In village now the peasants rise, to frighten us the labourers try
Throughout the land we hear the same, foul insurrection is their game

Spoken - Yes, I've had a warning letter from this ridiculous Captain Swing, threatening me that if I don't remove the machines from my farms, they will be broken and my house will be burned down.
These labourers are constantly pleading poverty, begging bullying and always wanting more wages. They have lost a bit of land through enclosure but it wasn't being farmed economically. The new threshing machine is faster and cheaper than the labourers, it will improve efficiency and increase profits.
I, and other magistrates have our duty - the laws of this country must be upheld. They must be taught respect to their masters. Give them an inch and we'll suffer the same fate as the French aristocracy. They must be reminded of their position before there is serious damage done to ourselves and our property.

So I will put down this disquiet, quickly quell their ignorant riot
I'll teach them, pay them for their nerve, I'll give these louts what they deserve

DORSET (G.Moore) Tolpuddle Man
We bring you songs and stories of our history
Tales of the past from Blackmore to the rolling sea
Born on the wind, though far from my land I may part
Where'er I roam, my Dorset will be in my heart

Dreams of the past we weave through shadows of despair
Songs of the soil, our voices bind to fill the air

Friends rest a while and share the closing of this day
Open your hearts and then you'll join with us to say

This Soil Is In My Soul (G.Moore) Dick O'The Banks
Both high and low within our race
To plough the earth and know our place
God did create us by his grace.
This soil is in my soul

My soul, my soul, this soil is in my soul
(Repeat last two lines of verse)

Each grain is planted by our hand
From dawn to dusk we work the land
Without our toil no man could stand.
This soil is in my soul

The hedgerow fills our every need,
There's little else a child to feed
To see them starve your heart would bleed.
This soil is in my soul

Though dark the night and lone the way
The stars will steer us into day
And for abundance we will pray
This soil is in my soul

Our feet are rooted in the past
When from this life we're free at last
Upon these fields our dust they'll cast
This soil is in my soul

The Thresher (G.Moore) Dick O'The Banks
Can you hear the thresher's beat
Strip the chaff from off the wheat
It strikes a rhythm to my bones
To hear the swingle hit the stone

Early in the mornin
Until the sun goes down

We brave the frost each winter morn
With nought but work to keep us warm
We twist and swirl the blackthorn flail
And long to down a quart of ale

We sing our song from dawn to dusk
The air so thick with wheat and dust
Our throats are caked so hoarse and sore
There's seven bushels safe in store

The sweat is streaming from each face
Each man is stripped down to the waist
The muscles ripple with each flail
And make poor Mary spill her pail

The work is hard it breaks the back
But there's no chance for us to slack
The times are hard we need the pay
We scarcely can survive each day

BONEY (G Moore) England Expects
There is thunder in the distance
See the flashing of the steel
All signs of resistance are crushed beneath the wheel
The mighty they are humbled, he has made the monarch kneel
His ambition, to be ruler of the world.

Boney, Boney, Europe lies a-bleeding beneath his flag unfurled
Boney, Boney, his ambition, to be ruler of the world

The child of revolution, behold the rights of man
Liberty and reason, the terror it began
From the ashes he has risen, and an Emperor now stands
His ambition, to be ruler of the world

Like Caesar before him,he has seized the power to rule
His army is his ladder, his passion and his tool
He has tamed the kings of Europe, now Britain soon must fall
His ambition, to be ruler of the world

Sharpen up your sword now, be ready for the fray
Soon he will be coming, it could be any day
It'll be a bloody harvest, if we stand in the way
His ambition, to be ruler of the world

No Moon (G Moore) England Expects
The fiddler strikes the bow and as the couples tread the floor
I watch the one I truly love the best
But there's noone here who cares whether I go or if I stay
As the sun is slowly sinking in the west
With an aching heart I wander down the winding homeward road
Across the heath along the bank of bubbling Frome
And I wish to God I'd never ever seen the light of day
That I'd never ever left my mother's womb

Ever lonely is the plight, of a man born on a night
When the moon it shone no light - no there was no moon at all

In childhood days I wondered why no friendship I could find
I was shunned by all the children at their play
Abused, refused, dejected ridiculed all ‘round
I feared to see the dawning of each day
Throughout the turning seasons and the passing of the years
I've searched this world to find someone to care
From the cradle to the grave rejection is my destiny
Each day this cross is heavier to bear

When the swallow stays to winter and the oak leaf never falls
When friends beyond rise youthful from the grave
When the rivers change direction and the larkrise without song
To hover on the wind o'er stormy wave
This curse that plagues my life will lift to free me from despair
These chains of misery will break away
A wind of change will fan the wasting embers of my life
A flame of hope will light a brand new day

THE WATCHMAN (G Moore) England Expects
The watchman is the bravest man that e'r trod England's downs
When he goes into an alehouse he values not one crown
He calls for liquor merrily and he pays before he goes
For there's no ale up o the hills where the stormy winds do blow
He calls for liquor merrily and he pays before he goes
For there's no ale up on the hills where the stormy winds do blow

When townsfolk in their beds do lie a taking of their sleep
Across the heath the brandy tubs are smuggled from the deep
I'll pluck up me courage boys and o'er the hills I'll go
And I'll tend my light in the night where the stormy winds do blow
I'll pluck up me courage boys and o'er the hills I'll go
And I'll tend my light in the night where the stormy winds do blow

If Boney through the darkness sails to land at Budmouth Bay
And all at home are resting still before the dawn of day
I will play my part me boys to let all England know
And I'll fire my light in the night where the stormy winds do blow
I will play my part me boys to let all England know
And I'll fire my light in the night where the stormy winds do blow

THE FRENCH HAVE LANDED (G Moore) England Expects
Scarlet blaze from beacon fire, see the flames leap ever higher
Warning speeds from shire to shire in the dead of night
Signals coming from the west, plans will now be put to test
Even birds fly from their nest now the French have landed

Boney's landed hear the cry run for your life or prepare to die
The day of reckoning is nigh now the French have landed
He'll take no prisoners rich or poor don't sit and wait for a knock on the door
This is for real it's bloody war now the French have landed

Wagons bending on the road, strain to pull their heavy load
Every pot and pan is stowed, fleeing from the shore
Racing up old Ridgeway Hill like a fox before the kill
All our hopes we'll not fulfil, now the French have landed

Pike and firelock close at hand, we'll prepare to make a stand
We will never let this land, fall to enemy
He'll regret he stepped ashore, England is prepared for war
There's a shock for him in store, now the French have landed

Sharpen sword and prime your gun, Boney will be on the run
'Fore the rising of the sun dawns a brand new day
Fight it brave and fight it bold, as they did in days of old
We need men from that same mould, now the French have landed

On Board a Man Of War (G Moore) - Duet England Expects

Come all you lads of high renown and listen to my story
If you will go along with me you'll soon find fame and glory
Press warrants they are out my boy so come and take this shilling
There's many more of these in store for each of you that's willing

When we leave the shore you should hear us rant and roar
You'll never regret the day you stepped on board a man of war boy (rpt)

To Spithead we'll make ready sure it's only a short distance
There'll be a royal welcome there if you show no resistance
With flowing beer and right good cheer we'll make a fine commotion
You'll soon be back with a loaded sack of prizes and promotion

Come brother seaman tell me true how well that they do treat you
I've heard a tale that under sail the masters often beat you
The captain's like a mother dear he'll coddle you with affection
Whatever you do I'll be there too ensuring your protection

I'm partial to fat bacon sir not mouldy ale and biscuit
And fighting's not my forte sir I don't think that I'll risk it
We'll feed you on roast beef me lad 'twill make you hale and hearty
There's girls in every port for you, come on and join the party

Well since you're so persuasive and there's none here that'll miss me
And I rather like the sound of all these women that'll kiss me
I'll take the money while I can and go to sea for more
Show me the way I'll leave today on board a man of war

HORATIO (G Moore) England Expects

From Portsmouth harbour we set sail
When it was blowin a devil of a gale
With our ring tail set all about our mizzen piece
And a Rule Brittania ploughing up the deep

With Horatio, our hero, to fight the French boys we will go
With Horatio, our hero, to fight the French boys we will go

When I first joined to my surprise
All they told me was shocking lies
They beat me with a tarry strand
They flogged me 'til I could hardly stand

Well up comes the captain from down below
It's look aloft boys look aloft
And it's look aloft and it's look aloft
And coil up your ropes boys fore and aft

There was Edward Legg from Budmouth town
And Patrick from the County Down
From Norway , Egypt and Malta came
To join the Victory our ship of fame

Well there's one thing we have to crave
That Old Boney meets with a watery grave
We'll throw him down ino some dark hole
Where the sharks'll have his body and the devil have his soul

The Steam Machine (G.Moore) Dick O'The Banks

By God's own hand I rule this land and all it yields is mine
It was granted me as you can see by heredity divine
And I decree no man will be a threat to the economy
When I pursue my destiny
In the age of the steam machine

From north to south from east to west are fields of waving corn
Custodian of this land I stand as to the manor born
No man could be as fast you see as this new age machinery
So I'll pursue my destiny
In the age of the steam machine

In my father's time they toed the line as to the field they went
'Twas never heard, no not one word of begging or dissent
I’ll not consider one more plea as from their labour I'll be free
If I pursue my destiny
In the age of the steam machine

With water fire and tempered steel far from the past I’ll steer
Throughout the county far and wide my name they will revere
And every rival will agree a model Squire I will be
When I pursue my destiny
In the age of the steam machine

Where has all the love gone (G Moore) Dick O'The Banks

Where has all the love gone
Salt tears how they fall
Dark clouds where the sun shone
What's it all about
Is there any way we'll see the day when everyone on earth will say
This world is meant for sharing, not to tear it all apart
Why can't each of us agree to live our lives in harmony
It's greed that's poisoning our hearts

Where has all the love gone
Salt tears how they fall
Dark clouds where the sun shone
What's it all about
Just listen to a storm wind blow or watch an oak from an acorn grow
And who could doubt that we're no more than travellers passing through
So who on earth gave us the right to turn this beauty into blight
To do whatever we would do

Where has all the love gone
Salt tears how they fall
Dark clouds where the sun shone
What's it all about
So many people cannot hear a cry for help from those in fear
Above their own damned voices while they only push and shove
Let's turn this darkness into day then everyone on earth can say
I lived and gave nothing but love

Where has all the love gone
Salt tears how they fall
Dark clouds where the sun shone
What's it all about

Don’t turn your head the other way and leave to someone else to say
That what we’re doing can’t be right it’s not the road to tread
So turn around and make a stand, reach out for each neighbours hand
To face the storm that’s up ahead

The First Seed (G.Moore) Dick O'The Banks

See the trap has firmly sprung now you are putty in my hands
No more you’ll go a-roving or trespass on my lands
You will kneel and bow before me, like every other man
Since the first seed fell upon the land
In the building of this nation my great family played a part
Since the dawning of creation we were leaders from the start
Without property and order how could we have come this far
Since the first seed fell upon the land

You dishonour God’s creation ‘tis a treasury for all
I’ll not bend in weak submission to be at your beck and call
You’ll not be my Lord and master though you think you’re Lord of all
‘Til the last seed falls upon the land
All this beauty that surrounds is to worship not to spoil
You have built your marble mansion from the sweat of other’s toil
The hedgerow is our larder we are wedded to the soil
‘Til the last seed falls upon the land

I’m the rock in the foundation I’m the pilot at the wheel
When you’re steering for the future you can’t care what others feel
It’s my place to lead us onwards while for others it’s to kneel
‘Til the last seed falls upon the land
You’ll regret your sinful actions when your in the dying hour
With a rope as your companion on the gallows you will cower
I will stand with firm resolve against each challenge to my power
‘Til the last seed falls upon the land

It is written in your bible we’re commanded not to steal
But by theft the land you’ve taken and you've trampled each appeal
By your treacherous deception you’ve completed every deal
Since the first seed fell upon the land
They say we are free people but the poor they have no land
Since you’ve carved it up with fences there’s no place for us to stand
We would work the earth in common but you’ve tied and bound our hands
Since the first seed fell upon the land